Our birthday party is for 2 hours and with our most loving horses. M&H makes it very easy for you by supplying decorations, pizza or hot dogs, chips, drinks, and fun! You just bring the cake! Our parties are for 14 children including the birthday girl/boy. The children love painting our horses. Don't forget about our pony rides too! All of this included $450.00. A non-refundable deposit is required of $100.00. (schedule and more details at the bottom of this page)
We have been doing Horse Camps in the summer time now for over 20 years and look at these as a highlight of our year. Our camps are for children 8 years and up. This year we will begin weekly camps on Monday, June 9th and continue through Friday, August 15th. The cost of our camp is $325.00 per week. With a non-refundable registration fee of $100.00 required at the time of registration, which is part of the total camp cost. Campers will need to bring their own lunch, bathing suit, towel, and water bottle. 

                                                      A Typical day at Horsecamp:
A campers day begins at 8:30am. They begin by brushing their horse, picking their hooves, and then comes the saddling. 


After the horses are saddled, Its off to the trails. We ride until around 11:00am. In this ride our campers will learn to walk, jog, and lope their horses by weeks end.
Once we return to the stables our campers will wash their horses, clean out their stalls, give their horses their lunch hay and prepare their horses dinner. At this time we will have a guest (one of our boarders demonstrate their own horse and explain the breed of the horse.

By this time it's lunch time for our campers, we head for the house to enjoy air conditioning and food. After lunch we'll cool off in the pool or do activities until 2:30pm. At that time we'll head back to the barn to clean our horses stall and paddock one more time and then feed them. Then it's home to rest up for another day. Thus a day at Camp M&H Stables.