M&H Stables

Meet Our Horses

On This Page We Will Introduce You To Our Stable of Horses. We Are Very Proud Of Each And Every One Of These Magnificent Animals. Our Horses Range In Age From 12 Years To 30 And All In Excellent Health. These Are The Animals You Will Be Riding When You Visit Us. Come Ride With Us!

Lena Rico (Serenity)

Serenity is a registered American Quarter Horse. She was born in 1983 and has a very famous granddaddy by the name of Doc O Lena. She is truly a favorite in our Stables and a very special lady.

UPDATE: Serenity has joined Rick and the two of them are watching down on M&H Stables everyday!  

Badgers Frisky Aires (Rusty)

Rusty is also a registered American Quarter Horse. He was born in 1999 and is in breeding line of Impression. A very gentle boy who loves attention.




Brittany is a former rescue horse whose been with us for over 20 years. She is our beginner lesson horse for children and is truly a favorite of our barn.

Doc's Diamond Bo (Diamond)

Diamond is a registered American Paint Horse. There are two horses at M&H Stables which the public cannot ride. Diamond is one of them. She is the private property of Joyce Holland the H in M&H. Very few have had the privilege to be on Diamond's back. Rick (M) is not one of them.

Doc's Bolena (Bolena)

Bolena is a registered American Paint Horse born in 1995. She is the daughter of Serenity and our deceased stallion Bodacious. She is the second of those horses the public cannot ride. She is very talented but she can have an attitude.  

Robin Six Speed (Robin)

Robin is a registered American Paint Horse and by far the largest horse in our family. He stands at 15.2 and weighs in at around 1200 pounds. He is the newest horse to our string and is fast becoming a favorite.

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