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Horseback Riding

Horseback Trail Rides 

A staple at M&H Stables is our Trail Rides through the Picayune State Forest and surrounding areas. On this ride you will see some beautiful scenery and possibly some of the wildlife in the area. There are deer, bear, bobcat, wild pigs, panther, coyote and fox, most of which are nocturnal and aren't seen on a regular basis but they are here. All of these are not a danger to the horses. The cost of this ride is $50.00 per person. A minimum of two horses must be reserved for a 60 minute ride. On this ride we'll walk and jog if all in the group are these competent riders. The maximum we take at a time is five riders. 

We also offer a one hour private ride. The cost for the private trail ride is $65.00. We offer rides 7 days a week! We book trail ride appointments throughout the day. Be sure to call Shelly to reserve a convenient time to ride on our trail.  
(239) 289-4966 

At the present time we are the only legal commercial vender in the Picayune State Forest for horseback riding. We would love to have you come ride with us at, M&H Stables.

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